Roxanna Farnsworth

Roxanna Farnsworth

Roxanna’s passion for supporting families started with her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Seattle University in 2007. After working with children in Seattle, and then in Los Angeles, she moved to beautiful British Columbia with her husband and first child. The journey of becoming a parent ignited an excitement in her to work with breastfeeding parents and infants. She now has three children and loves nourishing her last breastfeeding relationship while homeschooling her oldest.

Roxanna has been involved with La Leche League International since 2009. She has completed over 120 lactation specific education hours and is now an International Board Certified Lactation Specialist (IBCLC).

Roxanna is enthusiastic about providing information for people to make fully informed choices for their breastfeeding journeys. It is important to her to work collaboratively to create plans that are based on evidence and practicality.

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