Jacqui Lepoureau


Jacqui was trained in the Ingham Method ® at the International Institute of Reflexology in London, United Kingdom. After receiving her diploma in 2007, she set up practice, first as an on-site reflexologist, then with her own clinic based in Nay, SW France. She relocated to Canada with her family in February 2016 and is very happy to call the Tricities home.

Jacqui is passionate about reflexology and being part the healing process, and has extensive experience with a wide range of issues. She combines training and intuition and, given that we are all different with different needs on different days, firmly believes in adapting her treatments to each individual’s needs.

Her holistic approach often tackles stress as the major cause of a host of physical, emotional and energetic symptoms, and one of her most favourite things is to witness clients ‘float’ blissfully out of the room after a treatment.

Jacqui loves working with people of all ages from children to the elderly and practices in both English and French.

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