Ashley Sahota

Ashley Sahota

Ashley Ng, is a registered massage therapist who loves to work with adults and children. She is is also a CIMT(Ceritified Infant Massage Teacher) and CPMT(Ceritifed Paediatric Massage Therapist). Ashley is dedicated to furthering her education in the field of Neurosensory Development and has studied under Dr. Monica Berger in Colorado.

Ashley has become a specialist, providing massage to children with very unique cases. She supports the children at Strawberries and Sunshine Healing centre through her extensive knowledge of neurosensory, incorporating neurointegrative exercises to their sessions.

Ashley also has a passion for working with Women for pre and post natal care.

Ashley loves to teach families Peadiatric Massage therapy that they can implement themselves in their own homes from birth. She helps to teach families about massage to help baby fall asleep faster stay asleep longer, help with gas, help parents bond with baby on deeper level faster, reading baby’s body language and cues, helps body growth and development.

Ashley tailors treatments to the individuals needs. Massage therapy is great for relieving headaches, TMJ issues, whiplash, low back pain and general stress/anxiety, Ashley also finds easy ways to help individuals do their own self care.