Counselling & Coaching

Individual Adult Counselling

Rhiannon offers counseling services in a safe and supportive environment and is a Registered Clinical Counsellor with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC). She completed her Masters of Arts degree at the Adler University and holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts from Simon Fraser University as well as a Bachelor of Arts from Carleton University. With over 15 years experience working with adult clients faced with various challenges, Rhiannon provides the opportunity through her counselling services to explore what you need to be able to make meaningful change in your life, heal from past wounds, develop better communication skills, find strategies to care for yourself and others, or manage your emotions for a better quality of life. The therapeutic approach she takes to her work focuses on helping and supporting her clients to explore alternative ways of coping with their problems, while building on their own strengths and developing new insight and skills into their situation.

Rhiannon provides individual adult counselling services for many issues including anxiety, depression, stress, substance misuse, medical and fertility challenges, separation and divorce, career counseling, self development, trauma, grief and loss.

Parent Coaching Sessions

In addition to the above services, Rhiannon also offers parents coaching sessions.

Building and maintaining a healthy family is all about relationships. Through individual 45 minute sessions, collaboratively we will target your wellbeing as a parent, as well as your relationships with your kids, and examine the connection between the two. In these sessions we will discuss parenting strategies that will help support you in your role as a parent and help create solutions to the challenges you are facing. My goal is to provide you with more successful parenting approaches and improved confidence in your parenting role.


Individual Counselling $110 per session

Parent Coaching $45 per session

Coverage for service may be available through your extended health program or your employee assistance program. Rhiannon can help you explore your coverage. All fees are eligible for submission on your annual income tax claim.